6 Phases of Dog Training

Jun 05, 2024

Hey Champions!

Wait, what? 6 phases of dog training? 

YES! That is correct. Years ago, I created a 6-phase, Dream Dog Formula that was responsible for the training of 1000's of dogs of varying ages, breeds, and temperaments over the past 25+ years. And I still apply it daily with my clients both local & abroad. It is proven and it works!

For dog training to be executed properly, there are (6) phases both dogs and owners need to be aware of, not just (1). I say that because far too many training programs consist of your dog completing only one phase in training. It's what we call the LEARNING PHASE.

In the LEARNING PHASE, we are shaping new behaviors and commands. Treats are often used in repetition to shape new commands and behaviors, hence the name: LEARNING PHASE. This phase in training should be an all-positive experience for the dog.

Now >> Here's where everything begins to unravel. Just because your dog knows what a specific command or behavior means, do you think they're going to do it when distracted?

Now.. Let me ask you when is it most often you need your dog to listen?

I'm going to let you fill in the dots. 

Now that your dog has been through a learning phase and the foundation has been laid, it's vital to not be completed with training and continue on through the process if you're wanting a Dream Dog: A dog that you can take anywhere, they listen to you anytime, and around any distraction. 


Most often, a dog that has only been through a LEARNING PHASE in training will only listen when they want to, they will not listen around distractions, and you will most likely have to use a treat to bribe them to get them to do as asked.  

Instead of diving deep into all 6 phases of dog training and making this writing a mile long, I am going to share a quick video where I explain it all in detail. 

You can click HERE to view a quick video. This will bring you clarity, that I promise!

Pay close attention to where I mention about taking a dog through a LEARNING PHASE in a PROOFING PHASE scenario.. AKA.. Group classes!

I would be willing to bet that many of you out there will resonate highly with the information. 

Let me know your thoughts -

~ Happy Training!