1995 - 2005: Owner / Operator of MicaHaus Rottweilers. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful mentor and learned all about importing, breeding, whelping and owner handling of world class bloodline Rottweilers on the confirmation (show) scene. I loved my boy - Best of Breed Quasar Vom Haudserberg and used him and his stud dog services to promote the betterment of the breed. Proper breeding etiquette, do and don'ts. I was fortunate to get my high quality puppies all around the USA and made lasting friendships doing so.

2004 - I attended National K9 in Columbus, Ohio, a sought after school for dog trainers with graduates from over 40 countries and a well known owner. I took Givin, a female Rottweiler, and completed the Master Dog Training program, earning certification in basic & advanced obedience, puppy development, personal protection, scent detection, problem solving, and more.

2005 - 2012: I created and opened Casey Ray - St. Louis Dog Trainer: A dog training service that offered ‘in home’ convenience for dog owners of the St. Louis, MO. metro area.  

2010 -  I created my own dog training approach from information gathered over the past 15 years and used successfully on 1000’s of dogs of all breeds, energy levels & dispositions. I then launched my popular Puppy Preschool classes and became known for them. 

2012 - I changed the business name to Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers and opened my 1st brick & mortar dog training facility. I cultivated a unique training package that offered training for life, and started branding the term “home to the lifetime group classes!”

Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers eventually grew to 3 brick & mortar facility locations offering professional training, daycare, and boarding - handing me all the experience needed in running all facets of a successful business. 

2015 - I used one of my locations and opened “Casey Ray’s School for Dog Trainers: A school for those aspiring to become dog trainers.” I not only created the curriculum, testing and certification process, but still have many trainers and owners today using the exact 3-step training approach I created & used on countless dogs and taught in my schools and training facilities. 

With my best bud, Ezra, a Belgian Malinois, continually by my side, I was invited to multiple canine events as a featured demonstrator & speaker, we appeared on all St. Louis’ major news channels multiple times, wrote numerous local magazine articles, and we (Ezra & I) were highly considered go-to experts within the field. 

  • Appeared as the dog training expert on the TV Show - Judge Joe Brown. 
  • Veterinarian recommended. More importantly, had many veterinarians as clients. 
  • Voted a Top Dog Trainer in St. Louis year after year.
  • Invited to audition for America’s Got Talent
  • 100’s of testimonials and 5-star reviews
  • Lived ‘in harmony’ with anywhere from 4 - 7 dogs in my own home for the past 25 years. You learn a thing or two about Pack Mentality!


2019 - 2020: Fast forward 4 wonderful years. Things began declining. I was fighting burnout and becoming a prisoner to my own business. I couldn’t leave or go anywhere and finding good help became a chore.

Inside, I was breaking down. I began losing weight and my health declined. Anxieties and panic attacks began setting in due to the overwhelming frustration, stress and fear of what was ahead.

They say everything happens for a reason. And I absolutely believe that to be true.

As the overhead was piling up, the health issues continued (I’ve NEVER had health issues), and the feeling of burnout only grew stronger, the business unfortunately was forced to close its St. Louis doors for good.

Followed up immediately with Covid - To put a nail in the last 20 something years and let me know I was done and needed a break. We would’ve never survived the pandemic with the type of service based business that we had.

2023 - After a well needed break, a deep dive into my own personal developmental journey, investing in my own 7-figure mentors to learn business success principles, and wanting to turn my “Mess into his Message,” I am back in a new, refreshing West Coast area and again enjoying my passion. 

2024 - Present: I am back enjoying training and offering my clients PREMIUM dog training. 

I work 1-1 with the Lake Havasu community and due to advancements in technology, I have many other clients countrywide and across the globe.

My little demo dog is a wonderful little Toy Poodle, named Scooby. Much more my speed these days. His intelligence is through the roof. 

My passion lies in sharing 25+ years of canine training, health and more to build awareness. 

Casey Ray's PREMIUM DOG TRAINING ACADEMY is a powerful membership community which will only continue to grow at rapid speeds. 

The awareness that comes from expanding my consciousness and learning from my mistakes has me doing business in a completely different way that my body and desires align with. I’m in the best shape of my life at 54.

I’m now able to assist & educate dogs and owners, world-wide. 

What a ride! Everything really does come full circle.